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CERN Accelerating science


Accelerator-related stories

Ricardo Torres and Alexandra Welsch (University of Liverpool)
11 Jul 2019

Accelerators for Science and Society

International event in Liverpool showcases benefits of accelerator R&D and engages the next generation of researchers.

Volodymyr Rodin (University of Liverpool)
11 Jul 2019

3D mapping of electrostatic fields

MEMS sensor successfully used for precise measurement of 3D electrostatic field. A precise field measurement technique such as this offers an interesting opportunity.

Panos Charitos (CERN)
25 Mar 2019

Interview with Mariana Mazzucato: Bridging Research with Innovation

Prof. Mariana Mazzucato on innovation and the concept of "missions".

Vitaliy Goryashko (Uppsala University), Georgii Shamuilov (Uppsala University), Peter Salén (Uppsala University), David Dunning (Cockcroft Institute, STFC), Neil Thompson (Cockcroft Institute, STFC), Brian W. J. McNeil (STFC , UPA Strathclyde)
21 Mar 2019

Towards single-cycle attosecond light from accelerators

New concepts build upon a strong link between linear accelerators, FELs and quantum lasers.

Panos Charitos (CERN)
21 Mar 2019

ISOLDE's new solenoid spectrometer

Novel experiments to study the evolution of nuclear structure, exotic nuclear shapes and the formation of elements made possible with ISOLDE's new solenoid spectrometer.

Marlene Turner and Karl Rieger
20 Mar 2019

How to slice a proton beam

First clear evidence of proton bunch self-modulation and excitation of high amplitude wakefields in plasma acceleration.

Panagiotis Charitos (CERN)
10 Dec 2018

Interview with Jorgen D'Hondt

Jorgen D'Hondt is the chairperson of the ECFA.

Ruben Garcia Alia, Pablo Fernandez Martinez ‎and Maria Kastriotou (CERN)
12 Dec 2018

Ultra-high energy heavy ion testing

The ultra-high energy heavy ions at accelerators allows to test electronic components.


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